3D Imaging

Intraoperative imaging is an indispensable aid in many surgical procedures. While conventional 2D imaging provides a useful perspective, 3D imaging adds even more information about the relative position of bony structures, implants and fixation devices. This is why Philips has introduced the BV Pulsera with 3D-RX: the perfect match of full-specification 2D imaging with superb, high-quality 3D reconstruction – in a single compact system that can be used in any operating room. The BV Pulsera with 3D imaging helps you perform demanding surgeries with greater precision than ever before.


  • Unique combination of conventional 2D C-arm flexibilty and top-quality 3D imaging in a single compact system: two systems in one, reducing costs
  • Intra-operative 3D imaging, which reduces pre- and postoperative CT/MR, enhancing workflow and cost effectiveness
  • Based on the excellent image quality of the BV Pulsera 12'', capable of handling large reconstruction volumes with a diameter of 18/12/7 cm, providing you both the largest overviews and finest details.

Intra-operative 3D imaging with 3D-RX is based on the BV Pulsera 12" system. This system, with rotating anode technology and high penetration mode, gives you the power to see through virtually any patient, while the pulsed exposure mode ensures high-quality images free from motion blur.

In 3D imaging, the C-arm rotates continuously through 200° in the “propeller” direction, while acquiring a large set of up to 450 high-definition fluoroscopic images. The images are processed via the unique SmartVision concept, which combines advanced technologies across a full 1k x 1k digital imaging chain to yield top-quality images at a low X-ray dose. The complete set of images is then integrated to create a high-quality 3D volume reconstruction.

This dataset of images, in combination with advanced image processing, ensures unprecedented intra-operative 3D image quality. No one else delivers more or higher quality images – resulting in sharper 3D reconstruction.

Exceptional 3D reconstructions are displayed on the right-side monitor of the unique ultra-compact Mobile View Station. Here, you can easily manipulate the 3D reconstructions to obtain the best visualization of the anatomy, enhancing the outcome of the procedure.

Part of the Philips BV family of mobile C-arm systems, the BV Pulsera with 3D-RX is a highly maneuverable compact system that can be moved in and around small operating rooms with ease.

The system is fitted with a 12" image intensifier, capable of handling large reconstruction volumes with a diameter of 18/12/7 cm, providing the coverage needed for large field-of-views images, such as maxillofacial reconstructions. At the same time, the unique zoom function enables visualization of the smallest anatomical details, such as the structures in the inner ear, which greatly facilitates cochlear implants.


The BV Pulsera with 3D-RX offers a wide range of applications:

  • Trauma surgery
  • Hand/wrist surgery
  • Maxillofacial reconstructions
  • Cochlear implants
  • Orbital surgery
  • Cervical spine

All information courtesy Philips Medical Systems.